Your Perfect Arena


No matter what your discipline or level of training, having the right arena makes all the difference.

When building the perfect arena there are two important component – the surface and the base.

The surface needs to suit the climate and the usage; and the base needs to suit the surface.


Sand alone doesn’t have the correct structure to cope with horses in all disciplines. Whilst appropriate for some disciplines where deep sand is required to enable sliding stops and turns,  when you are putting a lot of stress through the movements in dressage and jumping, sand surfaces just aren’t appropriate.  A correct blend of Fibre and sand will create a stable and consistent surface, never too boggy or  hard, both equally detrimental to a horse’s performance and soundness.




The base drainage layer is just as important as your surface. It is what makes your surface all-weather.

Road base should never be used in outdoor arena construction, nor should cross-falls, cambers or crowns. Your arena should be on a level base, covered in clean drainage stone, geotextile, then premixed sand and fibre surface. All materials are installed level, resulting in a consistent surface that will handle the worst rain conditions possible, and still be fit to use.


This is the most simple style of arena construction installed worldwide without failure.