WAXTRAX Synthetic Footing

WAXTRAX Synthetic Footing has been installed at many national and international venues for it’s natural feel and performance.

WAXTRAX is a combination of chopped polypropylene fibres, classic white polyester and polyurethane, and selected fine high grade multi-washed silica sand, which is carefully weighed and blended with the addition of a wax coating.


WAXTRAX is stable and elastic with a root like structure, mimicking a grass feel, but without the hazards of divets, mud and dust.

WAXTRAX improves impact absorption and provides a high performance cushioned surface, minimizing injury, and maximizing safety.

WAXTRAX is designed to cope with many horses working at high speed, with the surface being adaptable for different kinds of work.

WAXTRAX is tested to remain consistent in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius.

WAXTRAX requires minimal maintenance, and does not require irrigation.

WAXTRAX eliminates dust, and has no kick-back.