Heath & Rozzie Ryan

Ryans Newcastle Equestrian Centre

Olympians Heath and Rozzie Ryan own the Newcastle Equestrian Centre in the Hunter Valley, NSW. The centre has approximately 60 horses per day using it, ranging from riding school horses through to top level elite performance horses in both dressage and jumping. The addition of FLEXIFIBRE to their surface has dramatically improved the consistency and stability, decreasing maintenance and increasing the productivity of the horses.

As Heath Ryan says ““With over 60 horse per day on the surface, the pressure was on to get it right. Equestrian Services have done that. Our surface leaves horses feeling on top of the surface, creating a sponge effect. You can’t even here the horses coming. While a traditional sand surface would be inclined to move around, the fibre mix holds together and doesn’t bank up. We can have a jump in the same position at least 150 times without it adversely affecting the take-off and landing surface.

Heath and Rozzie Ryan are proud to be ambassadors of Equestrian Services.